Cyclone Hola

Since Cyclone Hola was heading right for us, even though it should decrease in strength before it gets this far south, they were still predicting 70 knot gusts.  I decided to over prepare and removed genoa and staysail, stowed the dingy and set a second anchor.  Here I am preparing to set the second anchor using the iPad to guide me to my preselected gps position
We then had the ominous quiet before the storm,too quiet 
Turns out we only had gusts to 30 knots but a lot of rain.  I think it was windier but we were so sheltered where I decided to anchor we didn’t feel it

Since it rained for a whole day we did what all sailors do in a storm.
We baked!


  1. We are trying too! Found out how to reply when I have WiFi, I’m a little slow with this technology stuff
    Hope all is well


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